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Banners There is a turf war going on in my neighborhood — literally. Yard decorYounger Daughter was the first one to point it out to me, and after that I saw evidence of this fierce competition everywhere: The  pink/green-banner crowd versus the black/cream coalition. Seems as if in the past few months, these two-toned initial banners have been planted in almost every other yard, with some families going for the traditional and classic cream-and-black combination with others picking the perky and cheerful green-and-pink option. And now I see these banners all over — in neighborhoods everywhere I go lately. Is this a nationwide trend? Are there any other color choices? How do you know if you’re a pink/green family or a cream/black? And is it true that I have nothing better to do than skulk around my neighbors’ houses surreptitiously snapping photos of their front yards? I think we know the answer to that one, at least.

7 thoughts on “Home Decor

  1. I wonder what those banners are all about. They would get covered up in snow in no time around here. That is a funny mental image of you skulking around with camera taking pix of the banners in the ‘hood…. although I do the same thing on my dog walks. Camera always in tow!! Have a lovely day!! xoxo

  2. If I had a yard, I’d go for the green and pink. Makes just as much sense to me as putting up an athletic team’s banner in the front yard. Personally, I’d rather my last-name initial wave in the wind. Funny, insightful post as always, Cathy! 🙂

  3. It seems that once you notice something, it’s hard to stop seeing it everywhere. I’ve never seen a banner in a yard – must not be a Seattle thing.

  4. Jennifer — I’m honored by your sweet words. Thank you so much! And thanks to everybody else for chiming in. And to my wonderful, wonderful sweet neighbors who have put up with so much over the years and don’t mind when our grass gets a little long and our trees shed all over your yards: Please note that I personally love your banners!!! (Are we still friends???)

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