Interstate traffic jamOkay, here’s a Friday puzzle for you. Let’s see how well Travely’all know Southern geography. Recently I was headed to … well, a Southern city  … on … well, a Southern interstate … when a wreck stopped traffic completely for about 40 minutes. In true Southern fashion, of course, the delay turned into a party as folks got out of their cars to wander around and share conversation, Diet Mountain Dew and homemade chocolate-chip cookies. Luckily, while this particular interstate is the main football-game route on home weekends, both Alabama teams were away on this day so there were no fuming irate fans trying to circumvent the miles of parked cars. Believe me, you do not want to get between an SEC fan and kick-off. Finally — in the middle of a fascinating story from the guy next to me about how his ex-girlfriend’s cousin’s boss might possibly know my daughter’s friend’s mother-in-law — we started moving and I finally got to where I was going. See if you can identify the city — there’s a huge clue in the photo (click to enlarge) — and the interstate. Your prize? Only the satisfaction of being well-traveled, Southern-wise. And, really, isn’t that reward enough?

10 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Clueless as to where …. I notice you did not do any license plates!!! (Smiling) Have a great weekend. I will check back later for the answer.

  2. Of course, we true southerners know the identity of the city. I will not spoil the fun for everyone else. Glad you had a good time on the interstate!

  3. I have no clue but I do have to say that I love the southern style of taking irritating things in stride.

  4. For some crazy reason my comment was tagged by my txetda. Sorry. What is txetda? It stands for Texas electronic thesis and dissertation assoc. Exciting, no?

  5. I know! I know! but I won’t tell! You are a brave woman to mix and mingle on a busy freeway. I remember a similiar time in Nashville when a driver pulled out his fifth of Jack Daniels and offered to it with everyone!

  6. What a great way to spend a traffic jam – socializing. Here in the NY/NJ area, we just sit and fume, occasionally blow our horns.

  7. Aw, thanks, y’all, for playing — and, as always, for the kind words. And you’re exactly right: That is the famous Vulcan, so I was on I-65 headed south to Birmingham. I took the photo out of our Birmingham hotel window, looking south toward Southside — one of my favorite city views.

  8. That must be the Ironman of the Magic City. The only thing lacking during your traffic party was a motorhome with a friendly owner who opened his bathroon to those in need.

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