White FlowersHomewood, Alabama — a small town that’s virtually White Flowersindistinguishable from adjacent Birmingham — is one of my favorite shopping destinations. Seems as if something new and different always is popping up there — such as the store White Flowers. Owner Diana Hansen recently relocated her gift and clothing boutique to Homewood from nearby Mountain Brook Village, and the all-white window displays immediately grabbed everybody’s attention — in a quiet and serene way, of course, because that’s how you feel as soon as you open the door and are surrounded by all things white. Hansen sells  jewelry, candles, home decor and clothing as well as T-shirts, nightshirts and baby clothes that feature her own designs inspired by art and gardens — all in varying shades of white and natural neutrals. Be sure to visit the White Flowers Web site, — it’s as graceful and peaceful as the shop.

5 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. I LOVE THAT STORE!! There is one shoulder bag there that I’ve lusted after for months. It’s just $498.00 for a white cotton bag with a natural leather strap and some antique embellishments.

  2. For Christmas we are planning a trip from Houston to Memphis to New Orleans. I look at a map and say to myself, ” oh we need to go there because Cathy featured a cool store/restaurant/whatever from there.” Now I want to go to Homewood. There is no way I’ll be able to fit it all in in a week.

  3. Michele — Oh, your trip sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to hear all about the cool spots you find. You are beginning and ending in some great good cities.

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