Talking ElmoOur grandson, 16-month-old Capt. Adorable, Sesame Streetloves his Elmo Live. I mean, this Elmo really is amazing — he sings, he dances, he has jazz hands, he sneezes, he tells jokes, he asks for help getting up after falling over and then thanks you for helping him. It makes for a fascinating and entertaining 10 minutes or so …  until the Captain decides to figure out exactly how this thing works and what he can do to make it un-work. That’s when Elmo goes back up on a very high shelf and it’s on to the next thing, like what happens when you dump out a whole box of Cheerios on the kitchen floor.

6 thoughts on “Children

  1. That’s all part of being a boy. Seeing how it works. This is so cute and your description makes it even better. Ah, yes, the innocence of a child.
    I’m looking forward to getting to this stage with Princess Sophia.

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