Ikea I love Ikea. I know, I know — you’re probably rolling your eyes and muttering to yourself, “Hey, Cathy — the ’80s called and want their furniture back.” It’s true that the Swedish home-furnishings company used to have the reputation of bland cookie-cutter cheap stuff, back when when the words “she furnished her apartment with Ikea” described someone without imagination or individuality. Fast forward a couple decades and you find sleek and smart furniture that’s affordable and fun. What’s not to like? My older daughter and son-in-law went to the Ikea store in Atlanta to shop for their new house and came back with, among other treasures, a bed with sliding bookshelves in the headboard, sturdy and colorful storage units for 16-month-old Capt. Adorable and some funky organic curtains and pillows that coordinate with everything. Plus, they brought me presents for babysitting the Captain: The Tecken teapot for perfect brewing, two cup-holder-sized coffee mugs, a cat-proof bag for cat food, wonderful black-and-white notecards I’m going to frame and put up in the kitchen and of course chocolate and coffee. Oh, and a lint roller — with four cats plus the occasional visiting feline, we go through a couple lint rollers a week around here. Anyway, the kids’ Ikea spree spurred me on to want one for myself. I love the modern design and the family-friendly details. However, my husband rolled his eyes and muttered quite loudly, “I think we’re past our Ikea phase, dear.” He apparently was heavily into Ikea 25 years ago when he was a cool bachelor dude, and he still associates Ikea with staying up all night drinking beer and debating Reaganomics. Ah, the good ol’ days! Check out Ikea at http://www.ikea.com/us/en/

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Heh. We still have a couple of Ikea side tables floating around in various corners of our house and I always mention the Big Blue Bath Sheet that I bought on my first Ikea trip in 1987 that’s still perfectly good after all these years.

    I was quite impressed with the bed our kids bought there … it seemed more substantial than some Ikea stuff I have seen. I won’t rule it out.

  2. Tell your husband John Pitts that as long as you don’t buy a futon at your age, you are safe.

    Ginger Sarah

  3. I’ve seen some good things at Ikea. I think they’ve upgraded their quality, so as to get buyers back for a second time.

  4. Oh most definitely, this is a new Ikea. Of course, there’s a range of quality. You can still find cheap college-y stuff.

    It’s my happy place!

  5. Sarah — You know we still have a futon in the basement. But I am ready to pass it on to somebody (anybody???) else.

    And thanks to everybody else for sharing my Ikea love. You see that even my husband John Pitts is coming around!

  6. I go into an Ikea and my first thought is; how do I get out of here. I’m totally lost and feel trapped inside the maze that is Ikea.

  7. I love Ikea too, it’s great on a Wednesday morning when everyone else is at work and I can take my time trying out all the beds and chairs.

  8. I should go more often than I do; it’s a bit of a trek for me. Everything I have bought there I’ve been 100% happy with.

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