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Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel SocietyIf you have time to squeeze in one more summer read, make it “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” a delightful history lesson, love story and entertaining read all in one. Did you have any idea that the British island of Guernsey was occupied by the Germans during World War II? It was news to me. In a gentle peeling away of layers of secrets, this book chronicles the occupation and its aftermath and the island residents’ courage and human spirit to endure. Plus, it’s written in one of my favorite literary styles: A series of letters. I love reading books that make me feel as if I’m peeking into the characters’ real lives — that all this is really happening and we readers get to watch it unfold naturally. Plus, who doesn’t love the vicarious thrill of reading other people’s letters? The story of the writing of this book also will move you. I won’t spoil it for you, but the authors were passionate about their subject and about getting the book written and in readers’ hands.

And there’s still more to this story. My four-woman book club chose this a couple months ago. In this group, the hostess chooses the book, leads the discussion and usually gives out favors related to the month’s read. My friend Cheryl was hosting for “Guernsey,” and she went online to find out more about the island and get some ideas for favors. Jackpot! She found Guernsey Cream Fudge from Channel Island Confectionery Ltd. and ordered a variety of flavors for Guernsey fudgeus. I’m telling you that this is the best fudge I’ve ever had. It’s different, probably, from what you think fudge should taste like — this is smooth and creamy (but not soft) and literally melts in your mouth. It’s rich without that too-much-sugar-and-butter aftertaste. Plus, Cheryl struck up an e-mail correspondence with the fudge folks, who sent us much more information about the German occupation and their own family’s experiences during the war. They even invited our book club to Guernsey for a visit! Since the four of us have a hard enough time organizing our monthly meetings, that probably won’t happen, but it was nice to be asked — and, when you read the book, you’ll see that that’s exactly how things unfolded in the story. Anyway, order some fudge at — and read the book.

8 thoughts on “Books and Fudge

  1. I absolutely loved every page of that book. Like you, I had no idea the Germans occupied the channel islands. Of course, my husband (the ultimate WWII buff) told me a lot more about it and I found a lot more information. The book was a wonderful read and a charming story. How great that your book club got a first-person account. Not to mention fudge.

  2. this is the 2nd time someone has mentioned this book this week. A group in Anchorage read it and they loved it. How lucky for your ladies that you got to have that fudge!! I hear there will be another Jane Austen book soon similar to the zombie story!

  3. Thanks for your glowing recommendation of our fudge.
    we have just sent 8 bars to a customer in Chicago for her mom.
    She was on a cruise which took in Guernsey and by chance bought some fudge for her mom, so now I expect she will receive fudge at every holiday time!!
    Our only problem is the postage its soooo expensive.
    regards and thanks again for your comments
    PS Lots of books and info available about the Islands and the Occupation.
    PPS You know the GL&PPSoc is fictional but based loosely on fact.

  4. Looks like I’ll be putting this book on my wish list. And I am on my way to check out the site for the fudge. My “diet” might not last long if there is fudge involved. Oh well!

  5. This book is sitting on my shelf. I got it for my birthday last winter and haven’t got around to read it yet…but I can’t wait. While living in England, I learned a quite a bit about this chapter of British history…but I didn’t have the fudge 🙂

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