Memorial Day

Memorial Day and family birthdays

Capt. Adorable's other grandparents, Sharlie and Buddy Behel, of Tuscumbia, Alabama. See? I can share!!!

Hawk Pride Mountain

The back porch of the Behels' log cabin

Were you lucky like me and got some good family time this Memorial Day? I count myself lucky — and blessed — because my daughter’s in-laws consider my husband and me bona-fide family and invite us to every holiday gathering. And that’s a good thing because I would hate to miss out on all the food and fun that results whenever two or more Behels gather together. Sharlie and Buddy Behel, my daughter’s in-laws, are some of the most generous and hospitable people I know. Their home is always open to family and friends — nobody’s a stranger. They sort of adopted me when my daughter first started dating their son — I was a single mom then without family nearby and with characteristic kindness they took me in right from the start. And since I’m only a year or so older than their oldest son (my son-in-law was their surprise third baby), Sharlie and I feel more like sisters than in-laws once removed. You can see from the picture how much I care about them — I don’t share Capt. Adorable with just anybody!

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. I love when people are so open and hospitable. It makes for a very warm environment. I love Capt. Adorable’s pink shirt. He certainly had his eyes on the prize – that chocolate cake!

  2. Thanks, Kathy. You are so right about folks who are open and hospitable — they just make the world a better plance. And that little pink shirt has grasshoppers on it and matches his pink madras shorts. I love little-boy clothes!!!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when the inlaws are close? We had that same instant bond when my brother David married his wife Marilyn many years ago. I just fell in love with Marilyn’s mom who is still zippy today (in her 80s). In fact, I get along with Marilyn’s entire family. It is like we always knew each other. Interesting phenomenon.

    I also enjoyed an instant connection with our soon to be daughter in law, Amy….

    Cannot say the same for some of the other inlaws (including my own mother-in-law. Sad but true)… sometimes there is just no connection.

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