Bridge Street Towne CentreShopping in Huntsville, Alabama, has taken an upturn ever Shopping in Huntsville, Alabamasince Bridge Street Town Centre opened almost two years ago. Billed as an outdoor mall and lifestyle center with a stylish European flair, Bridge Street definitely is a fun place to stroll and window shop and see and be seen. It’s beautifully landscaped and maintained and has plenty of Huntsville, Alabamaeasy-access parking. The retailers here are the usual suspects — Gap, Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret, Bridge Street Town CentreAnthropologie and J. Crew are my favorites — but there’s also a Kate Spade, where I usually wander in, shake my head in disbelief at $525 handbags and walk back out again. Luckily, more in line with my budget are the classics of DSW, Old Navy and Barnes and Noble. But really the best part about Bridge Street is the food. This is where you’ll find the always-popular P.F. Chang’s and Maggie Moo plus the L.A.-based Dolce and Ketchup and a Melting Pot, making Bridge Street a dining as well as a shopping destination. The Monaco theater and the accompanying lounge Scene are hot spots, too. I mean, who could say no to enjoying wine and sushi in a leather recliner while watching the latest flick? Not me.

P.S. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “If Bridge Street is so popular, where are all the people in these photos, Miss SmartyPants Reporter Blogger Person?” And I say, “Good question.” And here’s the answer: I took these photos about a month ago on the day that news of swine-flu cases in Huntsville was just breaking and schools were closed and everybody was supposed to stay home and wash their hands. And so of course I thought, “This is the perfect time to go shopping.” Wouldn’t you???

4 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Looks like a wonderful place to shop. I never heard of a movie theatre that sell wine and sushi. That’s fantastic! When will Kate Spade hear of the recession we are in, and reduce her ridiculous prices?

  2. Kathy — Amen, sister! And this movie theater is so cool. The bar, called Scene, is adjacent to the lobby and you can take anything on the menu up to the VIP theater balcony and enjoy the movie in luxury — inexpensive luxury, which is the best kind. Are you listening, Ms. Spade???

  3. Don’t forget the great little pizza and sushi restaurants down by the carousel.

    We sat in the Prive section yesterday to see “Star Trek.” Unfortunately, they only screen by age, not by stinky perfume. Henry almost passed out–not to mention that the scent was emanating from a larger-than-usual service area, if you catch my finer meaning.

    Your Ginger Friend, Sarah Gaede

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