Nashville, TennesseeGuess the city! Here are clues: The radio Shelby Street Walking Bridge, Nashville, Tennesseestation WKDF call letters right center, the guitar painted on the side of the brick building on the left and a great view of the waterfront on the Cumberland River. Got it yet? It’s Nashville, Tennessee, shot from the downtown Shelby Street Walking Bridge, one of Nashville’s newest and coolest places to see and be Shelby Street Walking Bridge in Nashville, TennesseeLP Stadium in Nashville, Tennesseeseen. Close to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and restaurants and bars, the bridge shows up in countless country-music videos and is a convenient walkway to the LP Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans NFL team. I was in Tennessee this past weekend with Younger Daughter and my parents, who have season tickets for the Nashville Symphony pops series. They invited YD and I to come along to a Manhattan Transfer concert, which was … uh … well, let’s just say that two-and-a-half hours of doo-wop and jazz hands were plenty, thank you very much, although I could have listened to the symphony play by itself all night. But our pre-concert stroll along the bridge was perfect. If Nashville is on your summer-vacation list, be sure to check it out.

6 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Reminds me of my friend’s comment about Buffy St. Marie. It takes 3 songs to get used to her, and by the 4th you are tired of her.

    Your Ginger Friend, Sarah Gaede

  2. And Sarah, that sounds exactly right! We all agreed that the whole evening’s experience was fun, what with wandering around downtown Nashville and hanging out in the concert hall talking and people-watching, but the actual performance — uh, not so much.

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