Moving out of dorm roomIf you’ve got a college student, you immediately recognize this scene: Moving out of the dormMoving out of the dorm room. Seems as if this weekend everybody’s doing it. Including us. My younger daughter had lived in this room on campus for two years — and I think she’ll admit that she’s not the most organized of housekeepers. This is the girl to whom the floor is New apartmentmerely another place to store clothes. (Plus, her room inspections are the only tests in college she’s ever failed — but you didn’t hear that from me.)  Luckily she didn’t wait for the last minute to get started. Her advance efforts plus helpful friends turned a monumental job into a doable project. It only took four carloads to empty the room — plus three bags of trash, five bags of recyclables and several items donated to charity — and only one day and a few aspirin for me to recover. And the cool part? She moved into an off-campus apartment in an older house that is so cute and in a fun and funky part of town. Well, it really is more like a studio apartment with a tiny kitchen and bathroom attached, but we love with the fireplace, the hardwood floor and the black-and-white tiles. And I promise that this photo was taken immediately after moving in and it will never ever look this way again.

6 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Appreciate the kind words, dear husband. But truly, Younger Daughter masterminded it all and I was merely the assistant.

    And Kathie — it is a darling apartment. Just wait until we get it fixed up!

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