Restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi

City Grocery in Oxford, MississippiOh my goodness, y’all. Run, don’t walk, to City Grocery in Oxford, MississippiOxford, Mississippi and eat at City Grocery on the square. Or drive. However you can get there, just go.  I was in Oxford this past week with friends for a day of shopping and eating and sightseeing, although we all agreed that the eating part was the best. My husband John Pitts even took a long lunch break from newspaper-sports editing in nearby Tupelo City Grocery in Oxford, Mississippito join us  — nobody passes up a chance to go to City Grocery. Owned by New Orleans-native chef John Currence, City Grocery embodies the best of Oxford: Fun, funky, imaginative, leaning toward upscale but never ostentatious and always honoring fresh, local and authentic. Every dish our group ordered, from the roasted garlic and lentil soup to the smoked crawfish salad to the day’s special of pork tenderloin with roasted okra — my new favorite vegetable — was delicious. Plus, the wait staff was the perfect blend of friendly and professional and put up with our somewhat rowdy table. (Hey, we were just excited to have a day off.)  My husband even spotted a celebrity on the way out and shook his hand — TV journalist and author Bob Schieffer was in town to give the Ole Miss commencement speech and of course he went to City Grocery for lunch. You have to, too. Check it out at and put it on your must-go-soon list.

6 thoughts on “Restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi

  1. Lots of great places to eat in Oxford and this one is in the first rank. I’m also quite partial to the Ajax, which is also on the square.

  2. Now, I’m going to check with to see how far it is from me. Has to be considerably closer than Phoenix.

    John: You have my husband’s dream job. I’ll have to torment him with the knowledge.

  3. Less dream and more job … and in a supposedly dying industry. Kind of like trying to be the last steelworker.

  4. City Grocery is by far the best in Oxford MS. I use to work there for over four years. The food, staff and the service is top notch in my book. Oxford MS just would not be know for it’s great places to dine if it weren’t for City Grocery. John Currence recently won a James Beard award and that right there just says a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed Oxford, hope you can stop by again soon.


    Jason Braud

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