Pizza Grocery, Corinth, MississippiDon’t you love eating out in good local pizza places? I think it goes Pizza Grocery, Corinth, Mississippiback to when I was younger — before Pizza Hut and Domino’s and Papa John’s were on every corner — and going out for pizza was a much-anticipated treat. Today for the adult me, there’s something so cozy and comforting about a restaurant that gives you melted cheese and cold beer in abundance — along with real silverware Pizza Grocery, Corinth, Mississippiand plates. One of the best local pizza parlors is Pizza Grocery in Corinth, Mississippi. It’s in an almost 100-year-old warehouse close to the Corinth square and is a popular local gathering spot. Besides specialty pizzas (my husband especially likes the Cajun Cowboy with blackened chicken, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese), the menu has calzones, deli sandwiches and sandwiches. The lunch special is a slice (or two, maybe?) of pizza plus a salad, and the non-pizza dinner entree special comes with fresh vegetables and upscale additions such as a pea puree or mushroom ragout. There’s also draft and bottled beer but it’s bring-your-own wine — the left-behind bottles decorate the brick walls downstairs. And if you want dessert to go, grab a pizza sugar cookie. Green peppers never tasted so good!

Go here 20=&page_label=results_content&id=2133541-Pizza+Grocery+&widget=push&open=& for a review of Pizza Grocery by Ginna Parsons, food editor of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal in Tupelo.

9 thoughts on “Food

  1. It seems like you have some fun places there. I love a good pizzeria that makes a thin crust and pours cold beer in a frosty mug. Need I say more?

  2. In the South, a good pizzeria is often a rare thing. But now I live in an area of the country where small mom-and-pop pizza joints and Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen.

    Need I say I’m somewhat sick of pizza and Italian food? I miss Mexican. Real. Good. Mexican.

  3. You all are so right that a good cozy pizza place is a little hard to find around here. That’s why I’m so glad Pizza Grocery is nearby — well, about 1 1/2 hours nearby. But what’s mileage when you need excellent pizza???

  4. I LOVE those kinds of places. They have personality AND scrumptious food.

    The decorating idea is fab.

  5. Geez, how many times can we eat in one day…now I want to stop here on our way to Oxford.

  6. Well worth the stop, especially in the evening, Sherry. And I love eating multiple times in one day — isn’t that what road trips are for???

  7. Michele — I see that I never really answered your question and I do apologize. Pizza Grocery is in Corinth, Mississippi, which is about 1 hour and 15-20 minutes from where I live. I sort of consider that “local,” but then my husband and I drive an hour for a good glass of beer, so we’re probably not the typical judges of distances.

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