6 thoughts on “House and Garden

  1. Am I the only one strange enough to hang out in their garden then tried to cop myself a tour?

    “But Officer,I only wanted a tour of the house” (bats eyelashes)

  2. That’s a great neighborhood, and the folks at that house – I assume it’s the same people who lived there back in the day – have always maintained a wonderful yard.

  3. I know! I was hanging around the corner taking photos when a woman from a nearby house pulled out of her driveway, rolled down her car window and said, “Go on in to the garden. If the gate is open that means she wants people to come in. She loves visitors!” So friendly! Or maybe she thought I was a suspicious character and wanted to corral me in the garden while she called police.

  4. Old Decatur is one of my very favorite places. I have spent (wasted?) many hours driving through there! Just beautiful.

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