Easter dessertsEaster is one of those easy family holidays that Easter treatsgives you lots of bang for your buck — if Christmas is the stress-inducing standard then Easter falls somewhere above Valentine’s Day but below birthdays. Well, that’s my opinion today anyway, when I’m a few years past midnight hours of frantically finishing Easter dresses for my two daughters and managing the Easter-morning chaos of baskets and eggs before church. At least the food is still easy, with Easter bake sales everywhere. I found these goodies at the Empty Bowl luncheon this past week sponsored by the Salvation Army Auxiliary in Florence, Alabama. From works-of-art cakes worthy of Easter dinner to peanut-butter fudge for munching as you did more shopping, there was something for everybody. Hope everyone has a stress-free and photo-op-filled Easter weekend, with chocolate bunnies for all!

9 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Let’s see, it’s Saturday morning, I have NOT trekked into the attic for the bin of baskets, plastic eggs and whatnots.

    dang. Am I cutting it close??

  2. What I remember more than the new dresses (purchased because my mom did not sew) was that we got a new spring coat to go with it, and the shoes! The white shoes! And frilly socks!

  3. VodkaMom — Yes, you are way behind! Get to work. Although, you have been doing some other fabulous things career-wise so you are excused.

  4. Oh, I loved those socks and tried to keep my daughters in them way past their comfort zone. And spring coats! Now there’s an old-school tradition we definitely should revive. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Happy Easter Cathy, Captain Adorable and John L. Pitts!! I am so happy baseball season has started!!! xoxo

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