Interior Decorating

Home decorHave you ever walked into somebody’s house and immediately felt both Kitchen remodelingimpressed and comfortably at home? That’s how I felt recently when one of my book clubs met at the home of a new member who bravely invited us over for only her third time with us. And was I glad. She’s a smart and funny free spirit who’s traveled the world, and her house so richly reflects that. On the outside it looks like any normal house in any Home decornormal subdivision, but inside she and her husband had remodeled and renovated and redecorated to make it their own. Home decorEvery corner and every detail told a story of their lives. I loved especially how they mixed textures and colors and  cultures, but because everything springs from what they’re passionate about, it all works. I especially loved the built-in bookcases designed for use, not show — a display of books that obviously are never read always annoys me; I mean, what’s the point? — and the functional and stylish kitchen that works whether there’s one person cooking or a crowd. I am stealing so many ideas from this house, even if the most exotic place I ever shop is the home-decor aisle of TJ Maxx.

8 thoughts on “Interior Decorating

  1. I believe your home should be all about what you love. Obviously, your friend and her husband have brought it all together to make it work. Kudos to them.

  2. Lovely home, Cathy! But I kept reading to see what book you all read!! I will be back later to find out! xo

  3. Ina — You are so sweet! We read Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett. Have you read it? It’s about terrorists who take guests at a dinner-party hostage, but as with all good books, it’s about more than the bald plot line. I really enjoyed it. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a try.

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