Harem pantsHarem pantsI usually am so happy to see the Anthropologie e-mails in my inbox. I love Anthropolgie, especially in the spring, when everything is fresh and cheerful and colorful and pretty. So all I can say today is, “Why, Anthropologie? Why? At a time when everybody’s counting pennies and sales are dropping and people want feminine and sweet and classic, why oh why are you featuring the horror of harem pants on your site?” Or am I missing something? Is this the fashion wave of the future? I know that harem pants were the darling of the spring fashion shows this past September, but I so thought we had all agreed that that was just designers having fun and we normal regular people knew better. And, besides, haven’t we done harem pants already? And weren’t they disasters every time? So why, oh why, are we trying again???

19 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Um, this is even worse than that gaucho pant thing that happened (again!) like four years ago. I’ll sit this one out!

  2. I, too, love Anthropologie. It fits my style perfectly. Except for those awful pants. When you write that letter, feel free to sign my name.

  3. Actually, I like them. They’re quirky, and the style has had some updated versions since last time around… a lot depends on the fabric used, length, where they hang from (ie waist or hip) and what you wear them with… but that’s just like anything!
    I am a fan.

  4. Sarah — You are so brave to offer a dissenting opinion. Good for you! Thanks for stopping by. And, dear husband, I knew somebody would bring up MC Hammer! He’s all I can think about when I look at these photos.

  5. Bellydancing was my second thought,too! Love you, Younger Daughter. And Liz said to tell you that the bleeding Nolan had after falling on his stacking toy while you were talking on the phone to her has stopped. So don’t worry.

  6. Remember the adage, if you can remember wearing them, you are too old to wear them now. It will be our turn to laugh!

  7. I literally had to blink twice when I saw that photo. WTF? I worked at Anthro in 07, and even then their decision making wasn’t very good anymore

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