Spring Trends

What to wear to a weddingAfter being assailed by an e-mail from Anthropologie about harem pants being the new It trend this spring (gag), I was so glad to see some good news in my inbox today. Such as the wedding boutique at www.net-a-porter.com. Net-a-porter.com is an online retailer specializing in true designer and runway looks for less — still way beyond my budget but still fun to browse through. The editors’ picks at the new wedding boutique will have you scanning your mail for invitations. I love the pretty and feminine dresses paired with statement-making accessories, all organized Decoratingaccording to wedding type: beach, evening, day, etc. If you’re like me, you pick your favorites, then head straight to TJ Maxx!

And then there was the e-newsletter from www.myhomeideas.com, the home-decor online arm of Southern Living, Southern Accents, Coastal Living and other must-have magazines. Featured today are spring-decorating trends, how to create spring bouquets and 10 new uses for old things. Did you know that filigree would be big this season? I love the light and lacy look, although it’s not quite manly enough for my husband, I’m sure. But I’ve noticed delicate ironwork pieces showing up in home-decor shops lately, so maybe I can sneak something small into the house to get the same effect. This room looks so calm and peaceful that I just want to camp out there — wearing a gorgeous pink silk dress, of course.

5 thoughts on “Spring Trends

  1. thanks for visiting my blog…i am loving yours too. i love the link you provided above i’ve never been to that website and i love how they have all the pretty dresses just so.


  2. I’m officially ready for spring. I went back to Target today and bought some coral fringe thongs (shoes, not underwear!) that I had been eyeing weeks ago. And I have a pedicure. So bring. it. on.

  3. Becky — I could have guessed you made a Target run today! I want to shop at yours — I think y’all get more cute things than we do.

  4. You’re blog is so refreshing. Love the dress you have featured. Think how hot I’d look at pre-school pick up 😉

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