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probstIt’s that time of the TV year when everything else is background and 7-8 p.m. on phil-keoghanThursdays and Sundays becomes sacred. That’s when I lust over watch Jeff Probst preside over the disintegration of carefully molded alliances and then ponder the detached imponderability of Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan. Survivor is my absolutely favorite TV show of all time. I love the backstabbing and lies and conniving and skulduggery — and that’s just the first episode. Amazing Race, for me, is less about the personalities and more about the intriguing idea of racing around the world with only a backpack when it takes me two pieces of luggage just to go to the nearest Big City for a weekend. I watch to learn. And this season on Survivor, we’ve got two Alabama contestants and one from Nashville, Tennessee, so I always root for the hometown folks. I also predict Sandy will be among the first to go and Benjamin will be trouble. In Amazing Race, I’ve got Mark and Michael pegged for an early exit, which is sad because those are my brothers’ names. But if reality TV teaches us anything, it’s that you can’t let sentiment — or honesty or friendship or kindness or any of those other peskily inconvenient values — get in the way. Don’t you love it?

5 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. Hi! I am also a Survivor and Amazing Race Fan! I look forward to the season starting again too. I have to see a little more of both shows to pick my favorites, although I usually go with the older players! Someone has to root for the old people:)

  2. You are so right about rooting for the old folks. I always like to go to the Web sites and see what I can predict from the pre-show interviews. I’m usually wrong, but it’s fun!

  3. I am absolutely hooked on The Amazing Race! I vicariously “race”… this year there will be a young man totally deaf with his Mom. That will be fun to watch.

    Not so much Survivor, it becomes pretty predictable and I don’t enjoy the backstabbing.

    One of my other favorite shows is Dancing with the Stars. Can’t wait!!

  4. The Amazing Race had an audition in Austin last year, but despite my pleas, my husband wouldn’t try out with me. He thinks the fact that we fight trying to find the library is a bad sign. I think it’s awesome TV.

    Glad to find your blog, Cathy!

    Wendi Aarons

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Wendi. You sound like my friend who is famous for getting lost and having no direction — if there’s roadwork and detours on one of her normal routes, she just falls apart and can’t handle it. Y’all are why GPS was invented!

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