red-shoes-2I’m a woman who’s a freelance writer. I write a lot about shoes. My husband’s a man who’s a newspaper sports editor. He writes a lot about … sports. You wouldn’t think that those two worlds would collide, would you? But he pulled it off in his column today for his paper, the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, in Tupelo, Mississippi. And he even got me in there! (Thanks, sweetie.) Read it at

And speaking of shoes, these $300 Cole Haan red patent pumps caught my eye at zappos. com. “This posh peep-toe pump is a perfect marriage of comfort and style,” the description says. Yes, indeedy. Is that me all over or what? (With, I’ll admit, an emphasis on the “comfort” part. Gone are the days when I teetered around for 10 hours on 3-inch heels. Sigh.) Anyway, I think these are the perfect Valentine’s Day shoes, paired with a slinky black dress and some great jewelry. Don’t y’all?

19 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. These shoes are quite lovely and I covet them. My husband loves high heels and these would fit the bill quite nicely.

  2. Ina-

    Thanks. I’ll have my own take on A-Rod in a couple of days.

    His story dovetails with that of a Mississippi hero, former major leaguer Rafael Palmeiro. He played his college baseball at Mississippi State and tested positive for steroids after going to The Hill and vowing that he hadn’t. Doh!

  3. I’ve heard Cole Haan’s shoes are known for comfort. However, 3″ heels are no longer part of my vocabulary. I’d be interested in your assessment of comfort and heels. Enjoy the ride!

  4. Dear Cathy and John L. Pitts, I would enjoy reading your upcoming column on A-Rod so if Cathy could give us a “heads up” – maybe you can tell I am a disappointed Yankee fan 🙂

    Dear Kathy (commenter #9) I learned the hard way at my niece’s wedding on Jan 11 when I pulled my calf muscle while dancing in stiletto heels— for me, heels are just for making an appearance now! Have a lovely day, all!

  5. Love those! I never wear heels though unless I have to (ie the dress looks really, really bad without them). I’m 5’11” and I’m also a comfort creature.

  6. Lecia — Lucky you to be so tall!
    Ann — Zappos is like a treasure trove that always refills itself no matter how fast you try to empty it!
    And dear sweet daughter Carolyn — You know I rely on you for all shoe testing!

  7. I have those shoes in black. I feel great every time I put them on. Yes, they are comfortable. Comfortable for heels anyway. Best of all they look amazing. And in red –

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