jims-quilt-0031My friend’s husband, whom the women in our church made this prayer quilt for during his jims-quilt-0032battle with cancer, died this week. He was a good man who made everyone he met feel special. He loved motorcycles, airplanes, his farm and his family and friends and enjoyed so much being around the people he cared about. He should have been given more time to do that. But right now you and I have that time, so to celebrate the memory of his life, please enjoy being with the people you care about today. Give them lots of love and tell them it’s from Jim. He would have gotten a kick out of that.

5 thoughts on “Memorials

  1. Cathy
    So sorry for you and your husband loss.Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the ones around us and the time we have. It’s so easy to forget and get busy with life.

  2. Later today as the sun sets, turning the snow covered Chugach Mountains pink, I will pause to think of your friend’s husband and say a prayer of thanks for his life and for peace to soothe a broken heart.

  3. One of my best memories is telling my father that I loved him the day before he suddenly died. It made such an impression that I tell my love ones that all the time.

    What a great way to honor your friend’s memory. Take care. Give our best to his family.

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