Valentine’s Day

Heart cookies for Valentine's DayIn an effort to demonstrate to my husband that I can be responsible Praeventia cookiesand frugal, I’ve stayed out of Target recently because I can’t go there without spending at least $50 — even when I had no intention of buying anything. (But it’s all cute stuff I’ll probably most likely need sometime maybe! And at a fantastic price!) But over at, Becky’s obsession hunt for the new Orla Kiely line got me curious, so I wandered into our local Target purely for research purposes and to help out a bloggy Orla Kiely friend. And she’s right: There’s disappointingly little of the Orla Kiely things available — a few storage boxes and closet organizers. That’s too bad, since her prints are so fresh and cheerful and springlike. I would have loved to have loaded up my cart with the Melamine dishes that look so wonderful online but are backordered several weeks. But it was not to be. (Insert here the sound of my husband sighing in relief.) So I was forced to wander around and buy look at other things. That’s how I found my new favorite snack: Praeventia cookies. Am I the only one who’s never heard of these?They’re made from whole oats and other good-for-you things — red wine, cocoa, green tea, orange zest — and come in handy pouches so you have to think before you devour the whole box. Plus, they’re satisfyingly tasty and crunchy. The best part? The shape! I’m telling you, those little hearts just make you smile to look at them. They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, too. I found them in the cookie aisle at my Target and I’m going back for more. Just don’t tell my husband.

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. They sorta kinda look like Pepperidge Farm cookies….I wish vegetables could look as cute. Maybe I can arrange my fresh blueberries into a heart shape and eat them one by one. 🙂 ….. Am on a quest to get rid of some flab before Amy’s big day (June 26)

  2. Whoa, cookies made from red wine? I’m on the way!

    LOL. And I am totally obsessed with the Orla Kiely. I’m going to head to Target again today (because my husband ate all the Valentine’s candy) to scope things out again.

  3. Isn’t that so true about Target? I tell myself I’m going in to buy this ONE item, but I never get out of there without spending at least $50, like you.

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