Valentine’s Day

valentines-day-0161It was Valentine’s elegance when my friend Susan hosted valentines-day-018cooking club. She and her daughter-in-law are the most creative people I know. They excel in using simple everyday items in innovative ways. Like these table decorations. Mixed in with the shiny heart garlands are vintage costume jewelry and clear goblets filled with water and topped with upside-down silver Christmas-tree balls for some metallic reflection.They then tied everything together with valentines-day-020red and white linens. And see those white cards on the table? Those were our place cards. Susan had written “What I love about you …” descriptions for each of us. We had to read them all and guess which one went to which person. Fun, fun, fun! Valentine’s touches were valentines-day-025everywhere, like the red ribbon Susan tied around the cake stand to highlight the heart-topped petit fours. Now, I know that up North petit fours are what y’all call those little torte-like cakes, but here in the South (well, at least my part of it), petit fours are tiny two-bite-sized cupcakes with melt-in-your-mouth icing decorated with colors and themes of your choice. The best come from Victorian Tea Room in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. No occasion around here is complete unless there are Victorian Tea Room petit fours. Visit, tell them Cathy sent you and you valentines-day-030valentines-day-0191might talk them into shipping you some. Susan even gave us extras in the Valentine’s candy boxes she gave us that also has miniature fudgy brownies and heart-shaped mini pink chocolate-chip cookies. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost. She got the boxes at our local big-box arts and crafts store, but almost everything else was what she had on hand. We were all impressed and felt special and pampered. We also immediately assured our newest member most of our cooking-club meetings are not like this. In fact, when it’s at my house everyone’s just happy I remember to vacuum up the cat hair. But we’re glad we’ve got people like Susan to show us how it should be done.

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Oh how totally lovely! Love the idea of the vintage jewelry strewn among the table decor. Very Girly! This idea would also be good for a bridal shower luncheon! Thanks for allowing us to vicariously enjoy this occasion!

  2. I love that idea for the place cards. And thanks for the little discussion of petit fours. I grew up in Pensacola, and I have the same notion of petit fours that you do. No fancy daytime party is complete without them.

    But I was taught from the time I was a little girl that a lady only takes one petit four onto her plate. My dream was unlimited petit fours!

  3. I love the decoratons: very classy with a touch of whimsy. I also like the pearls used as decorations. Your friend is very creative and details. She made for a wonderful ambience from start to finish (I also like the to-go boxes).

  4. Thanks, all for the kind words. And Becky, we do not observe the niceties of “one petit four at a time” around here. You might not get thirds or fourths if you’re that ladylike!

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