sidelines-0011When I worked at my college newspaper some 30 years ago, we sidelines-002were in an office above one of the school cafeterias. We had rickety typewriters and iffy lighting and most days had to steal chairs from other rooms down the hall. Today, my university has a whole new building dedicated to the communication arts. I think I’m jealous. In a good way. Because if the next generation of  journalists is getting support, encouragement and quality training, then I feel better about the future of newspapers. Read more at my column today in the TimesDaily,

4 thoughts on “Newspapers

  1. My husband was a news guy in radio about a hundred years ago. I remember cramped studios and nights at city council meetings. Nice that they have new digs.

  2. I hope the next generation of journalists are being trained in marketing as well.

    I truly believe every college and workplace should be offering classes and workshops on guerrilla marketing. The best work and the greatest talents go unnoticed without one’s ability to get the word out!

    Expertise + Marketing = Success (IMHO)

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