Restaurants in Franklin, Tennessee

sol-archwayAs Liz Lemon says, don’t you “want to go there?” This is Sol, a funky and fun sol-waitingrestaurant on Main Street off the square in Franklin, Tennessee. My husband and I wandered in on a recent late-night meander and instantly were captivated. Only the bar was open so we plopped ourselves down and enjoyed exploring the whimsical Mexican menu — and decor. Both are sort of  casual-cool with an eclectic twist. It’s Frida Kahlo meets Iron Chef and obviously a popular gathering spot for the young and hip. We felt right at home (!) and happily devoured some deliciously fresh nachos washed down with cold beer — one of our favorite meals — and vowed to come back when we could work our way through the dinner menu: salmon wrapped in a banana-leaf, fish tacos and a poblano-potato cake especially looked good. We remember this same space when it was an upscale Italian sort of restaurant and marveled at the transition. Downtown Franklin is a happening place, worthy of a visit just to walk and eat and shop. Check out Sol at (that’s where these photos came from — it was way too dark, in a good way, for pics the night we were there) and learn more about Franklin at

nashville-jan-2009-038On that same trip to Franklin, we also ate at Basil Asian Bistro, on nashville-jan-2009-034Carothers Parkway across I-65 from Cool Springs Galleria. If Sol is vibrantly energetic, then Basil is calmly zen. It’s white tablecloths and quiet conversation but with the same appreciation for fresh ingredients and authentically prepared food. The extensive menu offered sushi, pad thai, curry and other classics. Luckily, we were with our friends Ted and Elayne, who had picked Basil for our lunch and steered us to their favorite dishes — and they were right.  My husband and I especially loved the inventive sushi, the crisply cooked vegetables and the strong and fragrant hot tea. Good food and good company can’t be beat. We’ll be back. Go to for details.

6 thoughts on “Restaurants in Franklin, Tennessee

  1. The restaurant looks neat and the food mmmm…. good! I will have to keep in mind that is if you don’t mind. When ever we take a trip to Tennessee to check in with you. My husband talks at times it might be a place to look into when we are ready for retirement ( a ways yet).

  2. I love Liz Lemon aka Tina Fey (30 Rock)…… (also Alec Baldwin xoxoxo)…..

    Where was I! oh yes…

    Those restaurants look wonderful and how fun just to stroll in randomly. Those make for the best evenings.

  3. Cathy did you see there is a new book out (a fiction) about Frank Lloyd Wright. “The Women” by T. Coraghessen Boyle… one of my favorite writers! I am going to get it today! The Sunday NY Times Book Review gave it a thumbs up. I have read a number of his books anyway and he is a very entertaining writer.

  4. Ina, I saw that in Sunday’s NYT and thought about all y’all Frank Lloyd Wright fans. I’ve put the book on my t-be-read list — let me know how you like it.

  5. One of the real gifts I have gotten from my wife and daughters was an appreciation for sushi, which I had – until 7 or 8 years ago – dismissed as a dining option.

    We can even get some pretty good sushi just up the street in our town, including – my favorite – sweet potato roll.

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