bruce_springsteenOh my gosh, y’all. Bruce Springsteen is going to be in my backyard this June. Well, my bonnaroodayparents’ backyard, really. And actually not their backyard at all, but at least in my hometown of Manchester, Tennessee. That’s where the four-day music festival Bonnaroo is on a 700-acre farm every second weekend in June. Bonnaroo started in 2002 as a jam-band gathering and now tens of thousands of fans jam the festival grounds to hear some of music’s best. The first couple years, my dad’s Rotary club helped out with parking. Now, my parents usually head out of town when it’s Bonnaroo time, although the crowds generally don’t overflow to Manchester proper. And I am sort of kind of somewhat seriously thinking of trying maybe to go this year, although tickets are at least $250 (am I the only one who remembers when concert tickets were less than $25???) and it’s hot and that’s my fifth wedding anniversary weekend and I could probably talk my husband into a really nice evening out instead. Hmm …

13 thoughts on “Bonnaroo

  1. I am a Jersey Girl and I love The Boss… but I would rather cut out all the fuss and just buy his new album…. saw him at the Meadowlands years ago…. wonderful wonderful wonderful….

    PS Happy 5th Anniversary (the traditional gift for year 5 is Wood, ironically….)

  2. Thanks, Ina! Even though I was born in New Jersey, I could not claim to be a Jersey Girl since my parents moved before I even started talking. But maybe there’s a little part of me that still is one! I do love The Boss, that’s for sure.

  3. Well, honey, since it’s our wedding week – and our fifth anniversary, to boot – why not?

  4. Looks like you got the Okay to go from the Man. I say go! Yes, I remember when concert tickets were less then $25. I think I paid about $15 to see Led Zeppelin.

  5. Oh my gosh, sweetie! Are you serious? Would you really want to go? Let’s talk! (And thanks, ladies, for the support. Couldn’t have done it without you!)

  6. Well, I have seen a Springsteen show (1980, The River, in Nashville) and you have not. We need to fix that. The Allman Brothers lyric to the contrary, the road does not go on forever.

  7. Go and enjoy the music. He certainly puts on a show; a real crowd pleaser. I live in NJ, and have seen him several times. Now I think his audience is multi-generational.
    Enjoy the romance with your hubby! 🙂

  8. I’m a true Jersey Girl and love Bruce. (Actually, if u live in Jersey, u have to love Bruce; it’s the law. Really).
    Speaking of ticket prices, there’s a big to-do going on here regarding Ticketmaster and Bruce tickets that went on sale here on Monday. I was so pissed, I actually wrote my Congressman. I blogged about it a few days ago, if you’re interested.
    Wish I could be there in June!

  9. I really would LOVE to check out Bonnaroo! My husband and I are longtime Phish fans and we heard they will be back together for Bonnaroo! Never been to Tennessee – sounds like it might be time!!

    See you there maybe!!


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