Baby Shoes

baby-shoes-001Who knew that baby shoes could be so cute? Before my grandson baby-shoes-010Capt. Adorable was born, I thought the only cute shoes came in women’s size 8.5. Wrong! I already have raved about Robeez but there’s so much more in baby-shoe world. For instance, my friend Susan gave us this pair of red Goody Goody shoes. How precious are they? I can’t wait for him to wear these — maybe with a cute shortall and a little plaid shirt. And my friend Erika Rosenberg, who raises alpacas and angora rabbits and then sells beautiful items made from their fur, gave us this incredibly soft and cozy pair of baby booties. Check out her business, St. Florian Fiber Farm, at  I’m not sure how long Capt. Adorable will let his grandma buy him darling little shoes, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

8 thoughts on “Baby Shoes

  1. Very adorable!! I think they should come in sizes such that they can be worn as “mommy and me” or “grandma and me” sets.

  2. The real issue may be how long your husband will let you buy shoes for the Good Captain.

  3. I think he will let you continue to buy him shoes, as long as they are as cute and cool as the picture above. Anyway, enjoy it while you can!

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