Bottled Water

dasani_strawberry2Am I the only person who cannot find Dasani flavored water in the non-lemon flavors anywhere lg_dasani_grape1anymore? All I can find anywhere — and I mean anywhere, any place, any time — are the plain and the lemon flavors. Not good. The grape, strawberry and raspberry Dasani flavors are favorites in my house. I know, I know. It’s all really local tap water. And plastic bottles are clogging up the earth. But my husband and I drink more water when we chug the Dasani — plain tap water tastes like blood to me ever since I had oral surgery and I only use the powdered flavor mixes as emergency backup because I’m not wild about them either — and we religiously recycle the bottles. So that makes us feel a little better.

But apparently I’m out of luck. My husband and I occasionally stumble across a rogue single bottle at a stop-and-rob but no local groceries have the six packs I buy four or five at a time. What’s the deal? Am I just constantly showing up behind other Dasani fans who beat me to it? Is there some sort of sinister Dasani shortage going on? Or am I imagining the whole thing? I abhor the taste of Nestle water, I’m suspicious that Propel has more than 25 calories a bottle and I don’t like water that tells me what to do: “Revive” “Energize.” “Focus.” Forget it. I like my water to remain quiet, thank you very much. That leaves me with Aquafina, which is only so-so.

Dasani, what’s up? Can you give us some strawberry love down here in Alabama? That would be very nice.

7 thoughts on “Bottled Water

  1. I don’t think I can help you. Don’t you hate it when a store stops carrying your favorite? I truly want to take it personally. Okay, so Princess Michele land doesn’t exist everywhere but it should. Dang it!

  2. My husband finally has found some at the Kroger in Tupelo, Mississippi. But there’s still a flavored-Dasani drought here in northwest Alabama.

  3. same here in the northeast I have been trying to find Dasani raspberry everywhere and can only find singles sometimes at a local gas station/store but usually buy 6 packs,If there is a demand for it why cant we find it?

  4. I called Coke and they are no longer selling those flavors. Apparently they claim they don’t sell enough. I always had trouble finding it. Hope this helps! They did say they might try some other flavors.

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