Photo Gifts

photo-books-003It’s not Valentine’s Day yet but you know you need to think photo-books-0061about those other gift-giving occasions coming up — weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and family reunions. Want to earn fame as the best gift-giver ever? Two words: Photo books. Our older daughter and her husband gave us two for Christmas, and they top my grab-in-case-of-fire list (daughter and her husband as well as photo books, of course). I had seen these done as wedding albums but honestly never had considered them for anything else. What are photo books? They’re hardback bound photo-books-0041books printed with your own photos — your own personal photo album. My daughter said she got the idea after she photo-books-0052was bemoaning a small budget for gift giving and I told her all we her family wanted was more photos of new baby Capt. Adorable. After that, because she is young and techno-savvy and up on all sorts of cool stuff, she knew exactly what to do. There are several  sites that offer photo books (Kodak, Apple and HP do — search on “photo books” for more) . Liz chose Walgreens ( and was pleased with the results. She had great fun, she said, designing layouts and playing with the photos but if that’s not your thing you can make it as simple a process as you’d like. Prices range from $10 to $50 and up, depending on your choices.  She did one on our beach trips — Capt. Adorable’s first tastes of sand and surf — and one on his first six weeks. Everybody who sees these just melts and says, “These are wonderful! I want to do this.” And you can.

6 thoughts on “Photo Gifts

  1. I’ve seen a friend’s and they are wonderful! What a great way to keep memories. Technology nowadays is amazing.

    PS I am very impressed with your writing bio. I aspire to write more freelance articles, and you are an inspiration to me.

  2. I happen to love snapfish and have created a few different things easily. Thanks for frequenting my blog, Cathy!

  3. Jewel — My bio is impressive only because my husband, a wonderful editor and writer, wrote it for me. Really I’m just a freelance hack trying to cover her shoe habit. But good luck to you! I love freelancing. Keep me posted.

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