tin-angelIf you’re headed to Nashville, Tennessee, put Tin Angel on your nashville-jan-2009-008places-to-eat list. Heck, it’s worth making a trip there on its own. From the tin ceiling and weathered brick walls to the menu featuring fresh and innovative dishes to the feeling of neighborhood and convivial warmth (important on freezing winter nights when it’s literally, you know, freezing), Tin Angel is one of my new favorite places. We visited the West End restaurant on the strength of a review my husband had read in the Nashville Scene ( and ordered according to the reviewer’s recommendations. All I can say is, “Yes, please.”  I had the spinach salad with poached egg, and it was the best spinach salad I’ve ever had — not your usual bacon-sugar-vinegar combination but instead some sort of savory yummy deliciousness topped with a velvety poached egg. Only my mother’s warning voice in my head kept me from licking the plate.  My husband had the Catfish Pomme de Terre with a horseradish crust and mustard sauce on braised shredded cabbage and I had grilled scallops, one of the evening’s specials, both accompanied by our go-to restaurant seafood wine — a bottle of Conundrum. Our dishes were full of balanced and layered satisfying flavors and the portions were perfect. A wonderful evening and a memorable meal! We ate late enough — in fact we closed the place down — that we had no lines or parking glitches, but Tin Angel is so popular that at peak times you probably will. Worth it, though. Here’s the Web site:

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  1. This sounds wonderful. JR and I love Nashville. For obvious reasons we don’t get there as often as we used to but I’m sure will get back soon.

    We’ll have to try this place out. Did they have anything a vegetarian could eat?

  2. Michele — I didn’t notice any vegetarian entrees per se, but I know that the folks there would whip something up for you, no problem. It’s that kind of place. You’ll love it, I promise!

  3. I love Tin Angel! Gary and I ate there a few years ago and I loved it. Glad to know its still there. I thought they did have vegetarian dishes. I seem to remember a fire pit or open fireplace in the front where you wait that was so nice cause it was winter when we went there.

  4. Cheryl — You knew about this cool place and didn’t tell us??? The fireplace is so cozy, too. No vegetarian on the menu except for an eggplant dish, but I know the folks in the kitchen would come up with something.

  5. Full disclosure: My intention had been for us to go to another restaurant we’re familiar with but it was closed on Monday (!). I had just read a positive review of the menu at Tin Angel in the Nashville Scene, which we indeed used as a guide to ordering.

    The catfish was one of the 2 or 3 best catfish presentations I’ve had the pleasure to tackle in a restaurant.

    Tin Angel has been around for about 15 years and really carries the torch for independent dining options in the city. For that alone it would deserve great praise, but the food and service makes it even more prasiseworthy.

    And that was just the first night of our trip!

  6. Star and Ginny — Thanks so much for stopping by and “talking” food. And JP, you always have a backup plan — No. 23 on the list of why you are the Best Husband Ever!

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