Tennessee Travels

nashville-jan-2009-001nashville-jan-2009-002My wonderful yet workaholic husband actually took a few days off recently and we headed to Nashville, Tennessee, for time with family, friends and a peacefully quiet hotel room. We like Embassy Suites — the two rooms to spread out in, the consistent quality of service and nashville-jan-2009-032cleanliness and of course the free drinks and snacks in the afternoon. (What? nashville-jan-2009-0063We’re easily impressed!) We loved this bar-food gizmo set up in the lobby for the daily happy hour. It had all sorts of crackers, pretzels, nuts, candy and mixes for do-it-yourself creating — the perfect accompaniment for beer and lazy discussions about where to go and who to see and what to eat later that night. Good times! It doesn’t take much to amuse us when it’s just the two of us on vacation. If we have access to real coffee (me), Diet Dr Pepper (him), reliable Internet and plenty of newspapers, we’re content. Throw in good restaurants and time to do whatever we want whenever we want to and we’ve gone beyond content and straight into happpy. And by the way, one thing we did while on vacation was catch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” If you haven’t seen it yet, go immediately. It’s a moving and powerful story you’ll think about long after you leave the theater. I was disappointed it didn’t garner more awards at the Golden Globes, but I’m hopeful it will clean up at the Oscars — it’s that good.

13 thoughts on “Tennessee Travels

  1. Sounds like The Calm One and I. Diet Dr. Pepper for him, coffee (or the occasional Coke) for me. A clean room, good snacks/meal and a movie and we are happy campers. We’ll have to try Embassy Suites next time.

    I am loving the set up of your blog. Very sleek and professional. Kudos.

    (Found you through SITS.)

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words — much appreciated. I think I get my blog-layout preferences from my newspaper background: simple, uncluttered and to-the-point. Plus, I’m too lazy to get too fancy! Hope you’ll stop by again when you’re over the crud.

  3. Now you’ve described (precisely) the perfect vacation for me. Snacks, no clocks, places to go visit at our leisure, good food, and (for me) good coffee AND diet soda.

    Sheer heaven.

  4. We ate better food than just hotel crunchies on this trip. I’m confident that will be a topic for future blog entries.

  5. Hi Cathy! I have added your blog to my Favorites so I can just “click” from my iPhone (laptop is still down and out)(and in Alaska)… that little quiet getaway sounds lovely. I love it when the hotels have a happy hour. When Ron and I are in Seattle we stay at the Hotel Vintage Park, which hosts a daily 5 pm wine tasting. A great mingle and lead-in to a nice dinner. Snowing here in NJ! Very pretty. xo xo

  6. Lecia — Thanks so much for the kind words. And Ina, I know it’s frustrating for your laptop to be out. I so appreciate you stopping by anyway. Thanks for the Seattle hotel tip.

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