scarfscarf-_square1My fondest dream — well, after becoming a bestselling novelist, owning my own tropical island and acquiring the ability to eat chocolate all day with impunity — is to learn how to wear a scarf like all those stylish celebrities. Or, like every other normal woman knows how to wear a scarf — except me.  I love scarves and collect as many as I can, but whenever I wear on I just end up looking silly. Sigh. Read more at my column in today’s TimesDaily,

14 thoughts on “Scarves

  1. Scarves definately add accent to an outfit! Wish I could own more than a winter one. 🙂 LOL Have a great weekend!

  2. As Isadora Duncan famously did not say, “Scarves will be the death of me.”

  3. My mother has a propensity to knit scarves in the ugliest colors and I wear them because she knitted them. Maybe I could send those to the stars and see what they do with them. There has been an advance lately, she has sewn the two ends togther so that I loop it twice around my neck, like a necklace, and there’s no tails dangling down.

  4. Dear husband, I knew you would bring up Isadora Duncan! And Laura, sending your mother’s creations to these scarf-wearing size double-zero celebrities is a great idea – but sounds as if you’re getting used to wearing them. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and read and comment — much appreciated.

  5. Hi, cathy, thanks for stopping by & chatting about shoes! I think we girls all have a thing for them & I loved your story about the snowstorm & hiding shoes in the trunk. Haven’t we all not wanted to admit to bringing home more shoes? I know I sure have!

  6. Don’t feel bad; I have a lot of scarves also but can’t figure out how to wear them either. That is wear them AND look chic.
    Guess I’m just not the chic type – could be the worn blue jeans, or the over large shirts, or the crocs that are the only thing I wear anymore.
    Hopefully scarves will still be in vogue when my granddaughters inherit them and maybe one of them can pull off that celebrity look… 🙂

  7. I — a non-scarf-enabled person like yourself — somehow managed to give birth to a young woman who possesses such chic, such elan, that she even wears them with jeans and manages to look cool. I should have seen this coming when she was four, and I tried to buy her this adorable peir of denim overalls and she said — at age four, mind you — “You can buy them, but I won’t wear them.”

    Fashion sense — it’s clearly an inborn trait (and a recessive one).

  8. Love y’all’s comments! Recessive style genes are definitely true in my house — and I’m sure my grandchildren will be fashionable, too. At least somebody in the family knows how to look good.

  9. Your article is funny. I love scarves and manage to wear them too without feeling too silly. My mom however commented on my scarf saying, “That’s been driving me crazy all day. It looks like it’s just in the way.” Wow – thanks, Mom.

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