Thrift Store Shopping

carolyns-dress-003My younger daughter loves fashion and putting outfits together. She’s the best carolyns-dress-002thrift-store shopper I know. We go into a Salvation Army dig store and I’m done in  three minutes because there’s nothing there — I think — and she emerges with an armload of cute and stylish pieces. Of course, she’s young and cute and stylish herself, so that helps immensely! Most thrift-store finds would just look sort of sad on me but she wears them with flair. It’s all in the attitude, and she’s got it. The other secret to thrift-store shopping, I think, is combining high and low and new and found. When she was home for the holidays, she brought some of her latest discoveries and had fun putting looks carolyns-dress-0061together. In these pictures she was going to a Christmas party with her dad’s family and was trying to winterize a festive carolyns-dress-0052black sundress with pink embroidery she’d bought in a thrift store for about $4, I think. First she tried a black short-sleeved pullover top over the whole thing. Nice, but no pizazz, although it fit her well. So next she tried a black cardigan with black velvet trim and little black velvet bows on the pockets for an elegant yet casual touch. Adorable! I voted for this look, but I got outvoted — she ended up ditching the dress idea and instead headed to the party in her usual but very chic college-student look of jeans, boots, scarf and sweater. And here’s the thing: These two black tops are mine, and she looks great in them. However, if I wore this sundress, I would only look ridiculous. Why is that? My daughters borrow from me and look fantastic (better than I do in the same clothes, that’s for sure) but the reverse does not hold true at all. If somebody can figure this out and fix it, I’d be so grateful! In the meantime, I continue to be in awe of both my daughters’ creativity and style. I’m in constant hope that some of that gets passed up to me.

8 thoughts on “Thrift Store Shopping

  1. Thanks so much. She’s a beautiful young woman inside and out — both of my daughters are — and I’m so proud. Also, I can take no credit whatsoever.

  2. I think you sell yourself short on the issue of how you look when you wear their clothes, sweetie. It’s all attitude – and after all, they get their attitudes from you.

  3. Oh, how I wish I possessed this skill! My step-daughter, also a college student, can take these finds and put together cool outfits, and she always looks uber cool. I, on the other hand, end up looking old and lumpy. 🙂

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