You Say “Goodbye” and I Say “Hello!”

When my boss asked to meet me at a coffee shop a few days ago, I was surprised. She’s so busy at work she barely has time to drink coffee in the break-room, much less take an hour away from the office. I figured this had to be Something Big.
“I’m doing such a great job, she probably wants to give me more responsibilities,” I thought confidently. “Maybe a move up? Or probably the big bosses realize they’re underpaying me and finally are giving me that raise. Yeah, yeah, that’s it.”
But as we sat down with our coffee, she sighed and said, quickly, “I’m just going to say it: I’m sorry, but you’re fired.”
Gee, this sure wasn’t going how I expected.
And, OK, she didn’t say “you’re fired.” I think Donald Trump’s the only one who can say that. What she actually said was, “Things are tight. They’re cutting the budget and dropping some things, and one of those things is you. It’s about money, not you. And I’m so, so sorry.”
Because she’s my friend as well as my boss, I knew she meant that last part.
On the other hand, that first part sure sounded like “you’re fired” to me.
Now, I know times are bad. I know the economy’s weak and finances are rocky and folks have to tighten their belts. It’s just that nobody asked me if I wanted my own personal belt pulled in a few notches.
Because I was fine with it the way it was.
And here’s the thing: This was the first time I’ve ever been let go from a job. Ever. And this is what I learned: It’s a lousy no-good very bad feeling.
Family and friends told me to go with that feeling.
“Take time to grieve,” they said. “Rant. Rave. Cry. Vent. Get it out.”
It will be alright, they promised. After all, considering the devastation and destruction nature heaped on the South this past week, losing my job doesn’t rank anywhere near the end of anything significant.
But it is the end of something.
It’s the end of 15 years of writing my a column for the first newspaper I ever wrote a column for.
My job – the job getting the budget ax – was writing a weekly column as a freelancer for the TimesDaily newspaper in Florence, Alabama. So today is the last Friday that column appears in the TimesDaily print edition.
I’m still in the sad phase of The Three Steps of Grief in Losing Your Newspaper Job.  (By the way, those phases are 1) “I’m Really Really Mad,” 2) “I’m Really Really Sad” and 3) “Can Some of You Young Whippersnappers Show Me How To Use the Twitters?”) Hanging out with readers every week for almost 15 years in the pages of the TimesDaily has been an honor, a privilege – and a blast. I’m going to miss it. Heck, I already do.
And if you’re here at my blog because you read about it my final TimesDaily column, welcome! So glad you’re here.
Let’s sit and reminisce for a minute.
We sure have had fun during these years, haven’t we? We’ve laughed and cried together, grieved and celebrated. You stuck with me through weddings, graduations and band-booster meetings. We went shoe shopping. You helped me raise two daughters and four cats. Most recently, you shared husband hints to help me train the man who finally succumbed to my feminine wiles after decades of bachelorhood.
Thank you for that.
Thank you for everything.
And since there are plenty of adventures ahead, I hope you’ll keep visiting here. You don’t have to sign up or register or pay for anything or be bombarded with ads for stuff you don’t want to buy, so pour a cup of coffee and let’s keep the conversation going.
You won’t believe what 3-year-old grandson Capt. Adorable said the other day!

12 thoughts on “You Say “Goodbye” and I Say “Hello!”

  1. From Sheri —
    So sad to read that you and Captain Adorable will not be brightening my days. Your column has been a bright spot in my days since I moved here from CA a year and a half ago. You will be missed!!

  2. Yours is one of the few columns I’ve enjoyed reading in the daily disappointment. Going to miss you. I thought when the paper was sold to a local company I thought things would be better. I think not. Oh, I was fired from my first job at Hardees. Things happen for a reason, better things are to come. Mary

  3. 😦 I remember meeting you at the TD back when I was an Extreme writer–oh, about 14 years ago. I’m excited to see what you do next.

  4. As I have told you privately, this isn’t the end of anything, it’s the start!

  5. I’m mad at the TimesDaily too. Your’s was the best “human interest” column in the paper. Rated right up there next to Rita’s. But don’t fret. You’ll come out of this just fine. Remember “the cream always rises to the top”.

  6. Cathy,
    I’m sorry that you won’t be writing your column in the TD any longer. I’ll miss it. But I’ll bet you will find a silver lining for this experience, something you will enjoy and find even more rewarding. All the best.

  7. I hope something really really good comes out of all this. I have no words of wisdom and in truth, I don’t think you need them. You will be fine and that creative energy will win out. Honest.

    That said, I really am sorry about your job.

  8. Hi Cathy,
    I’m sorry you lost your job. I found your blog some time ago and have been reading it daily–
    looking forward to your posts. I also read your
    link to your last column (in that paper).
    Your readers and family are cheering you on.
    Best wishes,

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