Storm Damage

Thanks to all who have so kindly asked if my family and I are OK, after the deadly storms that swept through the South during the past couple of days. We are so thankful that family and friends made it through. In  the towns where my husband and I live and work — the Shoals, Alabama; and Corinth and Tupelo, Mississippi, — there’s only minor damage from flooding and downed tree limbs. In Huntsville, Alabama, Older Daughter and her family are without power, and they lost tree limbs and parts of their back-yard fence. Of course, other places were not so lucky. A couple of nearby small communities are completely devastated and the death toll is climbing. Please join us in praying for those who are grieving and suffering today.

8 thoughts on “Storm Damage

  1. Older Daughter and her husband and our 3-year-old grandson Capt. Adorable had to evacuate their neighborhood in Huntsville, Alabama, and are staying with us for a couple of days before going on to other family. “You’ve got lights!” Older Daughter said, wandering through a Walgreens here. “And refrigeration!”

  2. So sad to read that you and Captain Adorable will not be brightening my days. Your column has been a bright spot in my days since I moved here from CA a year and a half ago. You will be missed!!

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