Zebra Tape and Espresso Mirrors

I read or heard recently a news report that shopping is good for you — it gets you out of the house, gives you exercise and company and a new perspective on things. Of course, in my case that new perspective is “What’s happened to all our money?”, but that’s a minor issue. The point is that you can Learn Things and Gain Experience by shopping. For  example: I recently discovered that you can buy duct tape in patterns remarkably similar to some throw pillows I have. And more. Am I the only person around here who didn’t know that duct tape comes in bright neons and animal prints as well as the standard battleship gray? I’m guessing this idea was inspired by more women doing more do-it-yourself jobs around the house. But, honestly, does everything we touch have to be cute and colorful? I realize I’m wandering into dangerous grouchy-old-lady “you-damn-kids-get-outta-my-yard!” territory here, but seems to me that when you need duct tape, having the good ol’ dependable gray workhorse around is best. I’m not sure I’d feel quite confident that zebra stripes are going to do the job. With all due respect to zebras, of course. But we all know that manufacturers and retailers have all sorts of tricks to lure us into buying stuff. Such as this sign my husband and I spotted in a home warehouse-store. It uses all the correct decorating words to grab our attention: “Euro!” “Shaker!” “Espresso!” — a combination of adjectives that only exists in marketing land. I mean, is there such a thing as “Euro Shaker?” I’m doubting it. And Mr. Google agrees with me. Plus, throwing in “espresso” is just silly. Are they talking about Italian roast? French press? A Starbucks doppio? Define your terms, people! But I do like that mirror.

6 thoughts on “Zebra Tape and Espresso Mirrors

  1. I’ll bet you didn’t know that people use duct tape for crafts projects, including wallets and prom dresses.

  2. Oh! Where is all that yummy-looking duct tape? There is also a HUGE trend in fancy masking tape styles. Check out happytape.com. People use these tapes for paper crafting, mixed media crafting, and other artsy endeavors. With the mirror, maybe espresso refers to the color? I can’t tell from the photo. I have seen a huge rise in using many trendy terms to describe color.
    And, yes, I agree, there are way too many options. Just this week, my washing machine died and trying to pick one? Mercy things have changed in the 10 years since I got my first one. Just the color options were staggering.

  3. FYI: Cathy took the duct tape photo at a Target in Chattanooga, Tenn.

  4. Cathy, you should contact the Duck Tape company and ask for royalties. I showed my homeschoolers this tape, and they went crazy. (They already use duct tape for making “robots” and other creations.) So, guess what’s going in their Easter baskets? 😉

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