In Which I Bring Two Entirely Unrelated Topics Into One Blog Post

You know how you open up the newspaper every morning (you do open up a newspaper every morning, don’t you???) and read it and then shake your head and complain, “There’s never any good news. Why don’t they print any good news?”  You know news people say that this happens because “good” news isn’t news since good things happen all the time and we’re only startled by “bad” news that’s outside of the norm. But we all know that “good” news can be as rare as … well, say, a coffee shop owner remembering that he overcharged a customer on her previous business and so without asking gives her her favorite drink for free on her next visit. That just happened! To me. And I wrote about it in my weekly newspaper column. Just, you know, to sneak a little good news in.

Spring’s arrival means several things: 1) Horror as we peel off our wool socks and take a look at our feet for the first time in months — emergency pedicure! 2) All basketball all the time as March Madness takes over — although my bracket is sinking so low that it’s fallen off the listing at the online bracket-game I play. And 3) we start inexplicably hungering for such treats as fresh tender asparagus and juicy sweet strawberries. In my weekly newspaper food story, I found out when spring arrives at local farmers’ markets and previewed what to look for — and when — although we’re lucky here in northwest Alabama since we’ve got Jack O’Lantern Farms, a hydroponic farm which grows lovely fresh veggies year-round. I’ll bet there’s someplace close to you where you can get a taste of spring soon.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Bring Two Entirely Unrelated Topics Into One Blog Post

  1. Time to get rid of the flannel sheets. They were nice & warm in the cold weather.
    Sorry I don’t open the paper up in the morning unless it’s an off day, it’s more like 9-10 PM at night on work days.

  2. I read the newspaper but I have to get news (good and bad) Online and by watching The Newshour on PBS. It took our newspaper a week to find a local connection to the tragedy in Japan, but when we did we gave it most of the front page! There are no comics, but the “Letters to the Editor” section is even funnier than the comics.

    Loved your column. I do believe the return of warmer weather brings out the best in folks.

  3. Carolyn, thank you so much for your kind words. I love your comment that the “Letters to the Editor” section is funnier than the comics. So true!

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