War Eagle! Also, It Snowed!

Snow! We have snow in the South!! Also: We have a national championship!!! I’m not sure which delights folks more. Oh, wait, of course it’s Auburn winning the national Bowl Championship Series title. I tried to pick out friends who’d made the trip to Arizona as the TV cameras panned over the thousands and thousands of Tigers fans, but all that orange and blue sort of blended together into one. Like the team itself. (And my sports-editor husband doesn’t think I could be a sportswriter!). Back home, far away from the televised football frenzy, the soft fluffy comforter of snow (I refuse to use the “blanket” cliché) still is keeping things quiet. In my town of Corinth, Miss., the square is deserted except for folks like me out walking and snapping shots such as this one of the Fillmore Street Presbyterian Church — and families mounting riotous snowball fights in the streets. In my family, the competition as always centers on art. Older Daughter reported that she started out making a snow-kid for our 2 3/4-year-old grandson Capt. Adorable. It turned into a snow tower, which she felt looked a bit … well … anatomical, so she changed it to something she called a snow bunny by adding ears and arms. Her artist husband, however, created an entire snow train, topped off with actual ashes from their fireplace for the tinder box. Artistry on the football field combined with artistry in a snowy front yard — I love the South!

6 thoughts on “War Eagle! Also, It Snowed!

  1. I didn’t realize you live in Corinth! I grew up in Cherokee, and Corinth (about as far away as Florence) was a familiar haunt for many of us.

  2. The 10-12 inches of snow at my house reminds me why I didn’t take that job up north. One of the guys I work with went out to AZ w/o a ticket. We haven’t found out yet if he got in. It’s good to be an Auburn Tiger! Soon as the snow clears, I’m going to roll my Toomers Corner oak tree. War Eagle!!

  3. War Eagle, Mary! And I’m glad you didn’t take any job up north.

    And, HWD, our snow is still frozen and white — y’all must have more traffic!

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