Black is Slimming — In Fact, It’s Practically Invisible

It’s been cool here in northwest Alabama/northeast Mississippi these past few mornings — sort of like fall might actually be here, after all. We’re paying attention to frost warnings, unpacking football-game blankets a couple of weeks early and flicking the heat on … just to make sure it’s working, you know.  We — OK, me — even have rooted around in the dark corners of our closets to retrieve those jackets and sweaters that migrated to the depths during those long 100-degrees-plus summer days. But I came up empty. I knew what I was looking for: A lightweight but warm and snuggly black fleece jacket that fits perfectly over T-shirts. I knew I had one. And possibly two. Or maybe three. No luck, though. Were they hiding? Had they jumped ship and sailed out of the house in bags destined for give-away? Or yard sales? Had a daughter borrowed them and they never found their way back home? So many possible answers! But still no lightweight and warm snuggly black fleece jacket. So I turned to my trusty you-can-find-whatever-you-need shopping destination: T.J. Maxx. And of course I found the exact jacket I was looking for. At a price less than what I typically spend at Starbucks. So I brought my new jacket home, cut off the tags and hung it up in my closet in the designated “lightweight jacket” section — where of course I discovered two other practically identical jackets. One still with the tags. This may be why my husband will often look in my closet and shake his head and say, “I used to have money. Then I got married.” But I have three or possibly four lightweight but warm black fleece jackets. So there.

9 thoughts on “Black is Slimming — In Fact, It’s Practically Invisible

  1. Must be something in the air! I have been looking for the same thing this week. Ended up buying a coral colored one though.

  2. Uh? was that for my comment Mr. Pitts. I admit it was little obtuse. Just attempted to make a connection with
    Halloween…a big stretch.

  3. I know! Anytime I mention “buy” and “clothes” in the same sentence, my husband starts to be unable to breathe. Although now that I’ve gone from a salaried reporter’s regularly scheduled paycheck to a freelace writer’s … well, not, I have cut back. Some.

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