Boats and Books

I don’t want to make light of the situation in case this actually really ever has happened to you, but a boat almost fell on me the other day and I just sort of thought that maybe you should add “falling boats” to your list of Road Hazards to Watch Out For While Driving. Along with — in my part of the world, at least — roving panthers (it’s true that the presence of panthers in our area is only a rumor — but there are those who swear it’s true), streams of tobacco juice and lazily drifting plastic Wal-Mart bags. And the thing is that the falling boat was only the beginning to a very strange 24 hours. So strange, in fact, that I had to break it up into two newspaper columns to get the whole story out. Read Part No. 1 and then go on to this past week’s column, Part No. 2. There are just some days when everybody stays away from you because it’s obvious you have somehow invoked the god of bad karma and all your friends are smart enough to take cover. Thankfully, all boats stayed firmly anchored the next day and all was well.

And here is one reason I’m so glad I’m married to my husband. I was browsing through his extensive book collection when I found his decades-old paperback copy of “The Andromeda Strain,” which I’d never read. I zipped through it that night and when he asked me later how I liked it, I shrugged. “It just sort of ended with the scientists saying the organism had evolved into something harmless and it was no big deal,” I said. “Seemed like a letdown for such an intense buildup. My husband just stared at me. “Uh,” he said, “I don’t think you read the whole book. There are a couple of pages at the end that you need to go back and look at it.” So I did, and he was right. Husbands rock!

3 thoughts on “Boats and Books

  1. Due to that very book, I almost didn’t live to be your husband. The first time I read the thing, I was walking with my mom in downtown Murfreesboro and nearly walked out in front of a car as we were crossing the street. True story.

  2. That is so you, sweetie. Glad your story had a happy ending! I used to get in trouble for reading at the dinner table and sneaking novels behind my textbooks at school. We were (are???) such nerds!!!

  3. Years ago before we started doing heart caths at ECM, Mom needed one & I was taking her to UAB. A truck in front of us had one of those old timey typing desks on top of some filing cabinets & he didn’t have it tied down. As we can up behind him it flew off and I landed up in the ditch. Another time I had a great horned owl to fly out of the darkness and almost came in my windshield.It left a scratch on top of my car. It’s a scary feeling having something fly at you.

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