Oh my cookies! Yup, these are actual pieces of clothing that I wore in the 1980s. And what’s worse is that I actually made them myself. When I was cleaning out closets for a yard sale recently, I found these stashed away … probably in an effort to forget. But it’s not my fault. As stay-at-home moms in the 1980s, my friends and I perfected our uniform of Laura Ashley jumpers, black stretchy stirrup pants and oversized Bedazzled T-shirts gathered on the side with hair scrunchies. Painful but true. And for some reason — I am not creative or crafty or in any way remotely talented artistic-wise — I became addicted to sewing. I made clothes for myself and my two daughters. I made clothes for their dolls. I made pillows and curtains and Halloween costumes. I think I convinced myself I was saving money, although anyone who’s ever wandered into a fabric store and come out minus the grocery-budget for the month recognizes that big fat lie. The collar has little bunnies on it, and I think I work it for Easter over a white blouse. The sweatshirt I have no excuse for. Why I would want to bedeck myself in a huge hot-pink sweatshirt decorated with buttons, bows and spools of thread, I have no idea. Please tell me some of y’all went through this phase, too.

5 thoughts on “Fashion???

  1. Living on a dairy farm Mom made all of our clothes. It was a have to as money was tight. Mom is a fantastic. She graduated to wedding dresses for all my sisters weddings and made suits for Dad. Only time he wore them was for church. He was always in overhalls. She made one of those for him & decided it was too much trouble. About the only store bought clothes in our house.

  2. Oh, Cathy. I am so sorry. Fortunately, there is not much pictorial evidence of my high school sewing projects. I made all my clothes, and they were pretty eccentric in the era of Villager shirtwaists. I spent most of the 80s in shorts or jeans and t-shirts or sweats, working in my kitchen. I threw on a white blouse and white skirt for the actual events.

  3. Oh, thank you all for loving me and being my friend despite this disturbing evidence of my pitiful fashion history. And, Evelyn, you know I’m suspicious!!!

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