Yard-Sale Success

Success!  Our yard sale this weekend was great fun. Plus, we sold a bunch of stuff. I mean, our garage has not been this clean and uncluttered since we moved in. This is all we have left. Compared to what we started with, it’s amazing. Yup, it was hot. Yup, it was miserable. Yup, folks thought we were crazy for having a yard sale in 101 degree heat and threats of thunderstorms. But the rain held off and, really, once you’ve sweated so much your T-shirt has become one with your skin and your hair has no resemblance to anything human, then you get sort of used to it. The most popular items at the sale that people asked about and I had to pry out of folks’ hand? Our bottle of hand sanitizer and our table fan. I know exactly what to stock up on for next time.

6 thoughts on “Yard-Sale Success

  1. Wow! Looks like to me we might be able to get two cars in the two-car garage again. Fantastic!

  2. JP — Uh, no. We tried while you were at work today. At it would be OK … if only you didn’t have to actually open a car door. Close, though!

  3. I would have bought those silk flowers and who knows what other treasure if I didn’t live two hours away!! Almost nothing is hotter than a garage sale.

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