Yard Sales

Tomorrow, this mess is going to be all organized into the Best Yard Sale Ever. Or, if it rains — a garage sale. We’re flexible that way. I’ve called in all the troops: Husband, Younger Daughter, Older Daughter and 2-year-old grandson Capt. Adorable to provide plenty of abundant adorableness. In addition, we’re having Bargains Galore. I promise — things you will not be able to resist. Also: I am not hauling this stuff back into the house. You have been warned. If you’re anywhere near northwest Alabama Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, c’mon over. We’ve got clothes, books, jewelry, home decor — tons of things that would look wonderful in your house!!!

5 thoughts on “Yard Sales

  1. My yard sale rule: what doesn’t sell goes to Goodwill. Nothing comes back into the house. Hope it goes well and doesn’t rain.

  2. Michele – That is excellent advice. The rain held off until almost closing time on Friday afternoon, but we’ll see on Saturday morning. We’re selling, though, no matter what.

  3. You need to run an “after” photo to show folks how much stuff you sold. Good jorb!

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