Yup, it’s mid-July and supposed to hit 100 degrees today but around here we’re all already thinking fall — and football. Because with SEC coaches taking the podium during media days in Birmingham and doing their best to charm the press, this week marks the unofficial start of football season. It’s that giddy optimistic time when everybody’s smiling and anything can happen and championships are within every team’s grasp. Fans have made their hotel reservations. Brides and hostesses have checked the game schedule and know not to schedule anything on home weekends. Sports journalists — such as my newspaper-sports editor husband — have kissed their spouses “goodbye” and settled in for a good five months of all football all the time. And while I enjoy a good football game as much as anybody, it’s true that I also look forward to the start of the season because 1) It means college basketball is getting closer; 2) I love the game-day menu of chips, dips and anything fried and 3) Who can resist a “Peace, Love and Alabama” shirt? Not me.

3 thoughts on “Football

  1. I love football. But I think July is WAY to early to promote it. I’m especially concerned this year because we got a new receiver and the TV guy told Randy the den should have a much bigger television than the current 50″ we have there. I’m afraid that when he orders the NFL Season Ticket, he just might feel the need for a new TV.

  2. Connie — I’m with you about football season — and I see a bigger screen in your future.

    Mary — I knew you’d be the first to War Eagle!!!

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