Family Vacations

You know how when you go on a vacation that involves sharing a space with a bunch of other people who are mostly related to you and there’s always a point when you declare that you absolutely positively never ever will go to the beach or anywhere else again with your cousin Michelle? The key is to be prepared. Look, you plan the food and you organize the packing and you get the car ready for the trip so do the same thing for family dynamics. You know somebody will be the Worrier and somebody will be the Worker and somebody will be the Fun-Lover, so proceed accordingly. Just make sure the Organizer does her job. Read more at my weekly newspaper column,

5 thoughts on “Family Vacations

  1. Once every 7 years the five of us girls and families get a beach house and the problem is always the food. Some organic eaters only and the rest vacation food( meaning not healthy) We are in the mist of planning next years event and already issues coming up. I love your categorizing I probably follow under the worrier. Have a great week.

  2. I loved the column and can identify with all the individuals. You did omit the whiner who will do nothing but will complain about everything, including the sun being too hot. Or perhaps you are lucky enough not to have one.

  3. Okay, which one was each of us on our beach trip?? I’m saying you left out one-“the game rule maker”!

  4. You all are cracking me up! And you know that because I fully intend to go on another family beach vacation with all my people, I had to exercise some journalistic restraint. And, Cathy, I think that “game rule maker/breaker” falls under “Organizer,” don’t you???!!!

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