Goat Cheese

Recently I went to Elkmont, Alabama, to learn about goats. Well … actually to learn about goat cheese. And what I learned is that goat cheese basically is an empty canvas and you as the goat-cheese artist can design whatever tasty creation you want. Humble Heart Farms in Elkmont has a herd of about 100 goats and sells flavored goat cheese at local farmer markets and other retailers and to Huntsville-area upscale restaurants. Plus, you can take tours of the farm as well as sign up for a cheese-making class. If you’ve never had flavored goat cheese, you are in for a treat — I especially love herbed goat-cheese on crackers and honey-flavored goat cheese on gingersnaps. Yum! So one sunny Saturday morning, several of us eager goat-cheese-fans gathered in the Humble Heart cheese-making kitchen. After a quick tutorial on how to turn goat milk into goat cheese, we got bowls of plain cheese and an array of intriguing ingredients to experiment with. Find out what we came up with at http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20100519/ARTICLES/5195000.

5 thoughts on “Goat Cheese

  1. I love goat cheese and I especially love flavored goat cheese. I’ll flavor up some then add it to hot pasta with a little pasta water to make a wonderful cheesy sauce. Hmmmm…seems I need to go home early from work today. Pasta with goat cheese is calling.

  2. I will happily testify to the yummy nature of the flavored goat cheeses that you brought home.

  3. We used to make a lot of this white pasty cow cheese when we had the dairy and sold raw milk and buttermilk and butter. It was unique. Haven’t found anything in the stores close to it.

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