Jackson, Mississippi

When my Dear Husband asked me to go with him to the annual Mississippi/Louisiana Associated Press Managing Editors awards luncheon this past week, I had no idea we’d be going to one of Jackson, Mississippi’s old-school-and-proud-of-it landmarks: The Capital Club. Established in 1947, it’s downtown near the governor’s mansion and the state capitol — commanding an impressive view from atop the Capital Towers building. I could just imagine all sorts of high-powered conferences going on while high-powered politicians and business folks conferred over their hand-carved roast beef. I loved all the upscale details, too — from the leather furniture in the library to the lemons and limes used in the flower arrangement. And you know I love a fancy bathroom. This one had those lovely big mirrors with chairs and makeup counters and glass decanters of hand lotion — why can’t Wal-Mart do something like this??? Dear Husband picked up a first-place award for headline writing (His paper, the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal in Tupelo, got a total of 26 awards — sweet!) and gave a talk to the group on why he’s optimistic about the future of newspapers — gaining extra points for mentioning both me and grandson Capt. Adorable. And rumors that we got thrown out of the dining room are greatly exaggerated. Truly! After we loaded up our plates at the lunch buffet (the gumbo, sweet corn muffins and fresh coconut cake were especially delicious) we thought we were supposed to sit in the main dining room with what looked to be a core group of Mississippi movers and shakers. Turns out we journalists had our own room — away from the movers and shakers. Probably a wise move. Learn more about the Capital Club at http://www.capitalclubms.com.

4 thoughts on “Jackson, Mississippi

  1. I guess you could look at getting your own room as being singled out for exclusivity or being banished. I’m thinking it was the first.

    How do they keep the lemons and limes from rotting?

  2. Wow – congratulations to husband on all the awards! I am impressed. I haven’t been to Jackson in YEARS!! I work for your governor, though in his DC office and see him every once in a while. Your first lady wrote an endorsement line on my book, and the lead characters in the book moved to DC from Jackson, but are actually from the fictitious town of Portman, Mississippi (population 750).

    I am hoping to travel to your neck of the woods for my book tour and would love to finally meet you! And of course Captain Adorable, too!

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