Tuscumbia, Alabama

I drive by this house in Tuscumbia, Alabama, practically every day — and admire it. The other day Younger Daughter was with me and as we passed it and I said how cute it was, YD said, “Why don’t you get out and take photos of it for your blog?” Since I’m not a fulltime newspaper reporter anymore I’ve sort of hung up my snopping-around hat — not that I did much of it as a full-time journalist — but I figured I could just walk around the house on the sidewalk and snap a few shots. Luckily, I don’t think anybody was home. And I did not go up on the porch, no matter what the neighbors say. I just think it’s an adorable cottage that the folks who live here seem to love, too. Tuscumbia is full of houses like this. Just come on over, park your car and wander around. People probably will invite you in for some tea — and that’s a long tall glass of iced tea in our part of the world, you know.

6 thoughts on “Tuscumbia, Alabama

  1. You know I love my sweet tea, but if you don’t mind I’ll drink Diet Coke this morning and get caught up on my blog reading. (Edits are done, release date is August 3rd, but you can purchase from my publisher NOW. So, I’m just breathin’ and takin’ it easy)

    I adore houses like this…they can keep their big mcmansions as far as I am concerned. Cottages are much sweeter and so simplistic.

  2. is this on the corner of Cave St. & 4th? Look’s like Pat Donaldson’s house.

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