If you’re headed down to the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast — and a yet-again winter storm headed our way here in north Alabama makes me ready to go anytime — you’ve got to try Cobalt, a fairly new restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama. Under the bridge on Perdido Beach Boulevard next to the Caribe Resort, Cobalt is a must-go especially during nice weather when you can stroll along the water and eat outside in the breeze. When I went with friends a couple weeks ago, it definitely was a cool and gray stay-inside-sort-of-day. But that was all right, because inside is nice, too. Cobalt is a huge space but it didn’t feel too big — just sort of light and airy but spacious enough to handle how every many we could crowd around our table. We were there for lunch. The menu featured seafood dishes, of course, with salads and sandwiches, too. Food was good, beer was cold and service was friendly — and I’m sure this place is hopping during prime time. There was a fascinating salt-water tank in the lobby that was less an aquarium and more of a sort of river where you could stand for a while and watch all sorts of fish swim lazily by. I didn’t take many photos because I was too busy eating and drinking and talking my camera batteries were weak but I did manage to shoot two of the most important features: the immaculate and sparkly women’s restroom and the wonderful array of goodies available for take-out. Check it out yourself at — and save me a truffle, please.

3 thoughts on “Food

  1. A word of advice: When we were there, our server told us that several menu items were not available any long, and I notice that the online menu still has some of those items listed so it may not reflect what you actually can order.

    Also, there’s a nearby walkway that takes you along a gorgeous waterside trail — perfect for an after-dinner stroll.

  2. The fish in the stream were huge red fish and there were some string rays—It is a beautiful setting… if all possible go for lunch—the price really helps the view! We had a wonderful time.

  3. Mary Bonnie — I’d forgotten about those sting rays. They were fascinating! Of course, the best thing about lunch that day was the excellent company. Friends just make anything better!

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