I got a new gig this weekend — I got to write a sports column for the Tupelo newspaper, the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal! Yes, you are right that I know nothing about sports whatsoever. But I do know the sports editor — my husband, John Pitts — and he wanted to have something about the Olympics from a civilian’s point-of-view. I am a huge Olympics fan and every two years — I still can’t get used to saying “two years” instead of “four years,” can you? — I get so caught up in the competitions and so wrapped up in the athletes’ stories that I’m definitely sort of morose when the torch goes out and it’s all over. So I wrote about that at http://nems360.com/view/full_story/6487694/article-CATHY-WOOD. Go read it and check out the stellar job my husband does and the great other columnists, especially my friend Ginna Parson’s food stories on Wednesdays — great recipes.

And this past Friday in my weekly newspaper column in the TimesDaily, I wrote about girlfriend getaways — how to organize one and why you should. Read it at http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20100226/ARTICLES/2265001/ and then gather up your best friends and go have some fun.

6 thoughts on “Olympics

  1. Great article! I watched a lot of the Olympics but our broadcasting was all in German and I really missed the personal stories of the Athletes. Good job!

  2. Kathy — What an experience to watch the Olympics in another country! Reminds me of when I was in college in the late 1970s and a friend got to go to the Soviet Union on some sort of study program. He was there over the Fourth of July and said it was the most amazing July 4th he’d ever had.

    P.S. — Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated.

  3. Great article about the Olympics! It was a breath of fresh cold air for me..something different! You are correct..they are in better shape and colder!
    Girls get aways..I am signed up for one in the Fall a scrapbook retreat..both of my daughters will be there:)

  4. Thank you, dear husband. I couldn’t have done it without you — literally! But your regular columnists have nothing to worry about. And, Connie, thank you so much for your kind comments. I loved your blog post about your sport: Bunco! Although we always find plenty of time for visiting while we play – y’all must be some serious players!!!

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