Is working out more one of your 2010 resolutions? Okay, isn’t it everybody’s??? In my experience, after decades of making Jan. 1 working-out resolutions, one of the best ways to ensure keeping this promise is to look fantastic while you’re doing it. I’m serious — there’s a world of difference between working out in baggy and holey sweats and your oversized 1995 R.E.M. Monster Tour T-shirt and working out in a new sleek and chic outfit made out of fabric that’s smarter than you are. If you haven’t checked out what’s new in workout wear, Google it or go to your favorite store and be prepared to be amazed. Still confused? Check out my Fashionably Speaking column in the quarterly magazine Shoals Woman at for a rundown of what to wear where and when, workout-wise.  (And remember: It’s all in good fun because I really don’t know what I’m talking about — I personally choose the sweats and he Monster Tour T-shirt, every time.)

5 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. I just started working out at the University gym. I have no prayer of looking fashionable. The kids think I’m that sweaty lumpy old lady in the holey sweats and Beatles T-shirt.

  2. Thanks, all, for the kind words. Michele, a Beatles T-shirt is an excellent choice! And Kathy, Target is one of my go-to places for cute and affordable anything.

  3. Once things from the holidays slow down then I will get back up to Curves. Just seem to be taking a month long break. But life here at home is really really busy.

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